Seven Addictions

Seven addictions is a project of the visual artist Inaam Obtel which was selected by the artist residency GREEN OLIVE ARTS GALLERY located at Tetouan city / Morocco. this project was about  showing the sperit of the old medina of tetouan city .

The old medina of tetouan is well known by its seven doors, and its arabesc arabo-andalou. The project is made to show the effect of these seven doors through multiple installations of the pluridsciplinary Artist Inaam OBTEL created by using medical tools and medicines.

"walking through each road ,is a story itself, you find a different traditions, culture, and poeple kindness. It’s warm how it become your time that you spend by only walking through those tiny roads. How you became addected to the beauty of it" Inaam Obtel said.

‘’Addiction‘’ it’s the word that inspired the artist to create several installations, such as, the glass motif installation which is creating different shapes of motifs drawn on glass caused by light, also the "demography" sculptur which taking the shape of the old medina, this installation consist to show how the other area was developped by using the fluerescent fluid coming from an intraveins serum. beside these installation, a video projection describing how the old medina is a place where multicultural people can meet. And, the interactive photography installation that let the audience get envolved and be part of the work . and be more aware about the impact of social media to create a connected space where we can share our experiences by a creative way and spread a new vision about the culture which is related to that specific’s an installation that needs a collaboration between two persons , one is using the map to get his itinarery and the other one is taking picture of his mouvement inside the photographed road. Creating together a stop motion video that they can share in there social media and enjoy it . The more interesting part is to be part of the project.